Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Souther Women

I arrived home in Texas for Thanksgiving this last Sunday! It's fabulous to be home. The weather is fluctuating between a lovely fifty and seventy degrees, the trees are filled with Amber and orange colored leaves, and my home is warm, clean and filled with the smells and memories I love- as always!

To be honest...my days at home are some what filled with frivolous things such as getting pedicures with my Mom, working out, and painting... but I feel that making these memories with my family, and simply being around more than a I often is, is worth more than anything "productive" I could be taking part in! So in my eyes.. I suppose these activities are not frivolous after all!

I am closing the deal as an Au Pair for Sophie in Paris or Milagros in Madrid some time in the next week. I'm currently trying to decide which place I would rather be in more. Lots on my mind as always! Loving just being home and around the people that love me no matter what! Short blog today.. so long until next time! Pictures to come soon.

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